A New and Complete Chart of the World by Thomas Bowen

A New and Complete Chart of the World by Thomas Bowen

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Date: 1790

Copper engraving with later hand colouring.  Overall sheet size: 48.1cms x 34.4cms ; image size : 462mm x 332mm.  filled with Captain Cook's routes from all three voyages. A key at bottom right corresponds the various tracks to each voyage. In North America, there is a fictitious West River, while Alaska is shown with a fairly correct shape. A note on the northwest coast of the continent mentions Fou-sang, a mythical Chinese colony allegedly established in the 5th century. The Sandwich Islands are shown and noted as the place where Capt. Cook was killed. The South Pacific is filled with islands, and New Zealand is fully formed. Tasmania is still attached to Australia, which is shown with an incomplete southern coastline. There are numerous detailed notations throughout such as in the south of the map : ‘Ice seen’ or ‘No Ice seen’ or ‘Ice fields’ are noted.
   Four strengthenings at centrefold (repairing tiny slits) on verso and  repairs to two small splits right margin just into neatline - none is obtrusive.  Stunning map.

Emanuel Bowen (1714-1767) was mapmaker to King George II and Louis XV (France).   His output was prolific and he produced several English county atlases, in some of which he was assisted by his son Thomas.  Despite this commercial success ill-health and impecuniosity dogged both father and son, the latter dying in Clerkenwell Workhouse.