America by J Wyld / NR Hewitt

America by J Wyld / NR Hewitt

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Author: J Wyld / NR Hewitt

Publisher: General Atlas. John Thomson for Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, London and John Cumming Dublin

Date published: 1819

Whole continent. Copper engraving after Wyld engraved by Hewitt with original hand colouring. Overall size hinged into off white fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove : 37.8 cms x 46.8cms; image size: 218mm x 307mm including imprint. Vignette bottom left of Cascade of Regla, near Mexico. Very good condition. Nathaniel Rogers Hewitt (fl.1804-1841) was a map draughtsman, engraver, printer and map colourist. (See British Map Engravers Worms and Baynton-Williams. James Wyld (1790-1836) Mapseller, cartopgrapher, publisher, engraver, lithographer, globemaker and surveyor. He took over the Faden business in 1823, subequently becoming Geographer to the King. The business was continued by his son James Wyld 2 after he died, it said by overwork, in 1836.