United States by J Wyld / NR Hewitt

United States by J Wyld / NR Hewitt

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Author: J Wyld / NR Hewitt

Publisher: General Atlas. John Thomson for Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, London and John Cumming Dublin

Date published: 1819

Copper engraving after Wyld engraved by Hewitt with original hand colouring. Overall size hinged into off white fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove : 45 cms x 39.7cms; image size: 291mm x 220mm. Interesting vignette bottom right of Niagra falls. Map of U.S. east of the Mississippi River. East Tennessee is labeled "Franklinia.""Tennessee spelled with an ""a"". Upper mid-west North of Kentucky called Western Territory. Native American tribes labelled. Very good condition apart from one strang red hand colour in right margin and one grey mark below British Statute Miles. Nathaniel Rogers Hewitt (fl.1804-1841) was a map draughtsman