(Worcestershire) by Ordnance Survey  (Worcestershire)

(Worcestershire) by Ordnance Survey (Worcestershire)

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Author: Ordnance Survey (Worcestershire)

Publisher: Published at the Tower

Date published: 1831

(Ordnance Survey) Lieut Colonel Colby of the Royal Engineers. Engraved by Benjamin Baker and Assistants. Scale of One Inch to a Statute Mile.Overall sheet size: 78.8cms x 83.9cms. Dissected and laid on linen and edged in green silk. The map folds into buff card covers front and back withadvertisiments by James Wyld map maker to the top and bottom covers. Folds into dark green board slipcase with Mames Wyld 'Successor to Mr Faden Geographer to her Majesty' label; in the blank central space a neat hand has written 'WORCESTER' 54 and a county label again appears on the side of the slipcase. Two J. Wyld labels at the bottom of the map. some browning at folds and some faint foxing, not obtrusive, right margin has brown line outside neatline and little finger marking front and back cover at the finger aperture else very good condition.