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New York by John Tallis / J Rapkin

£500.00 Approx $612.75, €582.07

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Author: Rapkin, J (JOHN TALLIS)

Publisher: John Tallis & Co. London & New York

Date published: 1851

Steel engraving with original and later hand colouring. Overall size : 36.7cms x 52.9cms. Image size : 345mm x 530mm. including decorative border. Vignettes by H.Winkles of, Brooklyn ; City Hall ; Custom House ; The Narrows from Fort Hamilton ; New York from Williamsburg ; A NewYork Steamer. New York City was once a Dutch fur trading outpost in the early seventeenth century, and was first named New Amsterdam. When the English took control later in the century they renamed it New York. It was the capital of The United States between 1785-90. George Washington had his inauguration in the city in 1789. It has been the most populous city in North America since 1790. Centrefold as published. Very slight cropping at extreme top edge else very good condition. Although Tallis never produced any county maps he did publish a series of town plans which included the emerging industrial towns of the Midlands and the North. In addition, he published maps of the British Isles and individual countries of the world which are very finely engraved and many of which include illustrative vignettes making them unusually decorative for the time, indeed this series is described as 'the last decorative series of maps'. The series of town plans are far less common than the maps of the countries as a whole.