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Cercle D'Autriche.

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Author: Bonne, Rigobert

Publisher: Atlas Encyclopedique

Date published: 1787-88

Par M.Bonne, Ingenr Hydrographe de la Marine. Copper engraving uncoloured as issued. Engraved by Gaspar Andre. Overall sheet size 46.4cms.x 31.4cms. Image size : 342mm.x 247mm ; 7 scales of distance. Centrefold as issued. Shows Austria. Very good condition apart from two repaired worm holes at extreme bottom margin. As Royal Hydrographer, Bonne's main concern was the production of marine charts but he was also involved in other works. He supplied maps for an atlas by Guillaume Raynal and for an Historical Atlas and Encyclopedia which was published in association woth Nicholas Desmaret.