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A Woman of the Sandwich Islands, in the North Pacific Ocean by Ambrose William Warren

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Author: Warren, Ambrose William

Date published: 1820 circa

Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove: 31.5 cms x 37.3cms; 124mm x 179mm. Odd faint mark under mount else very good condition. The woman is wearing a head band, a neck ornament and a shawl. (She was later identified as Poeta, wife of Kanaina.) Sandwich Islands was the name given to the Hawaiian Islands by James Cook in the 1770s. James Cook (1728-1779), was one of the greatest explorers of any age. The stated purpose of Cook's first expedition to the Pacific, in 1768, was to observe the transit of Venus from Tahiti, but Cook's secret instructions included orders to search for the great southern continent which was generally believed to exist but which had yet to be discovered. After his return to England in 1771, Cook was sent on a new voyage to the Pacific, again to prove or disprove the existence of the great southern continent. Cook sailed south from the Cape of Good Hope, reaching the Antarctic Circle in January 1773, and eventually sailing around the globe at such a high degree of latitude that he proved that if there were a southern continent it lay much further south than had previously been assumed. He visited New Zealand, Tahiti and Tonga, and many other Pacific Islands before returning to England in 1775. On his third expedition, during a visit to the Hawaiian Islands in 1779, Cook was killed.