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Principal Dutch Colonies in South America and the West Indies by Archi

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Author: Fullarton, Archibald

Date published: 1861 circa

Long title:Principal Dutch Colonies in South America and the West Indies. First map square shows the Leeward or North Caribbee Group, then Curacao, then On the North Coast of Venezuela, South America. Below is a view of the Island of Curacao from the East; then map of the Colonised Portion of Dutch Guayana or Surinam compiled from the Admiralty Surveys and the Dutch Government Map. Below the map is a view of the Residence, Offices and Tent-Barge of the Cacao Plantation of Alkmaar on the River Commewina (engraved by J.Dunlop). The maps surrounded by vignettes of people and animals relevant to the region: The Agami or Trumpeter, Quadroon Girl of Surinam, The Ai or Sloth, Arawaak A tribe of Dutch Guayana, Carib of Dutch Guayana, The Little Anteater, Surinam Planter (1796), the Cock of the Rock. Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove: 47.8cms x 62.9cms. Image size: 312mm x 450mm. Very good condition apart from few brown specks below bottom vignette title. Archibald Fullarton and Company were a Glasgow based publisher operating towards the end of the nineteenth century. The company produced a number of atlases, and books containing maps, including Fullarton's Parliamentary Gazetteer Of England And Wales and The Royal Illustrated Atlas, Of Modern Geography. The latter publication featured attractively decorated maps such as this example, with small vignette views of local interest surrounding the engraved map.