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Westmorland by J & C Walker

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Author: Walker, J & C

Publisher: Hobson's Fox-hunting Atlas

Date published: 1850

Lithograph ; original outline hand colouring. Overall unmounted size ; 44.2 cms x 36.1cms. Image size: 376mm x 361mm. Westmorland contains 763 Square miles with 58287 Inhabitants. The black circles mark the places of the meeting of foxhounds ; reference to the wards, places of election and polling places listed on right hand side. Very good condition. John and Charles Walker were engravers and publishers, and were responsible for several atlases, including those published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. In 1837 they produced the 42 county maps on which this work is based. Hobson used maps printed from the Walkers' lithographic plates, and added features relevant to fox-hunting: the range of each hunt is outlined in watercolour, and the places of the meets are indicated by black spots.