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London. Sheet VII. 74

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Code: 53250

Author: Ordnance Survey:Edition of 1894-96

Date published: 1914

Photozincographed and Published at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1896. Reprint by Heliozincography. Scale 1/1056 being Five Feet to One Statute Mile or 88 Feet to One Inch. Overall sheet size: 105cms width x 73 height; image size: 914mm x 695mm including text and imprint. River Thames with hand colouring. Waterloo Bridge top left; Peabody Buildings Coin Street, Coin Street, Duke Street, Hatfield Street, Brunswick Street, Bennet Street bottom right etc Wothwark. Delightfully the banks of the Thames are labelled,'Mud' in three places. One repaired short tear 2cms from bottom of map stopping short of the legend and with some shorter nicks to top margin and some marks also in the margins only else very good condition.