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London.... Sheet XXXVI by Ordnance Survey Edition

£225.00 Approx $309.49, €263.47

Code: 53257

Author: Ordnance Survey Edition

Date published: 1883

Surveyed in 1873 by Colonel Bayly RE engraved in 1878 under the direction of Captain Burke RE at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton and Published by A.D. Cooke C.B. R.E. Director General. 31st May 1880.. Scale 1/2500 being 25.344 Inches to a Statute Mile. Overall sheet size: 102.8cms width x 73.2 height; image size: 994mm x 697mm including text and imprint. Tape strengthening extreme top and bottom of centrefold, some marks to margins else very good condition. Covers the area from the Tower of London bottom middle to Bank of England on the left with London Hospital top right ; Finsbury Square and New Artillery Ground top left. Metropolitan Railway, Fenchurch Street Station, London and Blackwall Railway are amongst the Railway and Tramways marked.