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London Sheet 1X.16 by Ordnance Survey: Revision of 1916

£85.00 Approx $116.92, €99.53

Code: 53263

Author: Ordnance Survey: Revision of 1916

Date published: 1947

Heliozincographed and Published by the Director General at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1947. Scale 1/2500 being 25.344 Inches to a Statute Mile or 208.33 Feet to One Inch. Overall sheet size: 104.2 cms x 73.9cms;image size: 1005mm x 710mm. Stamp,'Record Map' Price £1-0-0 in purple three times on right side margin. Very good condition. River Thames Blackwall Reach in centre of map sweeping round to Bugsby Reach; West India Docks top left