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London. Sheet. Middlesex Sheet XVIII. Kent Parts of Sheet 1.11 by Ordnance Survey

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Code: 53266

Author: Ordnance Survey

Date published: 1888

Middlesex Sheet XVIII. Kent Parts of Sheet 1.11. Barking, Essex. Pars of Sheets LXXIII. LXXIV.LXXX1. LXXXII. Surveyed in 1862.3.6.7 and printed from a transfer to zinc in 1888. Overall sheet size : 98.5cms x 68cms ; 940mm x 853mm including legend. Shows Great Eastern Railway, London, Tilbury and Southend Railway; Great Eastern Railway electric telegraph etc Reaches from Wanstead top left to Blackwall Reach in the Thames to Woolwich, Barking ; Plumstead Marsh bottom right to Market Gardens top right. Odd mark to margins, some nicks bottom right margin edge else good black impression in very good condition.