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Regnum Hiberniae by Tobias Lotter

£385.00 Approx $500.65, €425.41

Code: 53440

Author: Tobias Lotter

Date published: 1770 circa

Long title: Regnum Hiberniae tum secundum IV provinces principales Ultoniam, Connaciam, Lageniam, Momoniam quam speciales accuratae designata studio et Geographo, Augustano. Copper engraving with original full wash hand colouring delineating the four counties. Overall sheet size: 50.2cms x 58.4cms; image size: 493mm x 494mm. Highly decorative cartouche and scale of distance with coat of arms, figures, animals, winged Mercury. Small amount of Pembrokeshire, Isle of Man and Scotland also visible on right side of map. Invisibly repaired tear in the top right part of Scotland else very good condition indeed. Tobias Lotter was born 1717 in Germany. He became a publisher and engraver in Augsburg. He was employed by Matthäus Seutter the elder as an engraver and married his daughter. He also became well known in his own right as one of the leading German cartographers. After his death in 1777, the business was continued by his son Matthias Lotter.