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An Accurate Map of Carmarthenshire by Emanuel Bowen / Thomas Kitchin

£155.00 Approx $200.52, €185.63

Code: 53445

Author: Bowen, E & T. Kitchin

Publisher: The Large English Atlas

Date published: 1762

Long title: An Accurate Map of Carmarthenshire Drawn from an actual survey, with various improvements. Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to the air, soil, natural produce, trade & manufactures. Copper engraving with original hand colouring. Overall size : 55.5cms.x 37.2cms. Image size : 513mm.x 342mm. Decorative cartouche at lower right with view of Carmarthen below. Remargined on bottom edge with contemporary paper (as usual), laid on old paper some time ago. Slight browning in blank areas and one fox spot in right margin else good condition. The Large English Atlas was the finest county atlas produced in the 18th.Century and was the largest scale atlas produced to date. Clearly engraved in detail with views and panels of text in the areas surrounding each county describing the commerce and the state of the principal cities