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Saxton, Christopher and Kip, William-Flint. FIRST EDITION.

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Long title:Flint  Comitatus quem ordovices olim incoluerunt.     Copper engraving uncoloured as issued.  Overall size : 39.8cms x 33.5cms.  Image size: 318mm x 260mm. Title in elaborate cartouche, scale of distance  bottom left, surmounted by dividers. Centrefold as issued, watermarked paper; latin text on verso with slight show through on right hand side; browning, some edge nicks and tears else good.
This series of maps were the first in which each county was deliniated on a separate sheet.  They were prepared by William Kip and William Hole and were mainly based on those of Christopher Saxton and Norden. The first issue of these maps was in 1607 with Latin text on the back of the maps and as the paper on which they are printed is rather thin, the lettering sometimes shows through on to the front of the map.  In the subsequent two editions of 1610 and 1637 the maps had no text on the back and plate numbers were added to many maps for the 1637 edition.  The maps were not issued again.  The layout , calligraphy and general appearance of these maps are very similar to their Saxton counterparts.  They were the first to carry the new Arms of James 1st with the unicorn replacing the dragon as a supporter.