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Herefordshire resurveyd & enlarged Ann by Christopher Saxton / Philip Lea

£450.00 Approx $578.41, €523.26

Code: 56321

Date: 1693

Copper engraving with sparse contemporary outline colouring. Overall size : 57cms x 43.2cms.  Image size: 503mm x 378mm. Title in decorative cartouche top right,flanked by Adam and Eve;, with C.R. above the royal arms.  Arms of Milo Fitzwaler, Henry Bohun, Hump. Stafford Earl of Hereford, Hen. Bollingbrok Duke of Hereford (left side) and Mortimer Earl of Hereford (beside the scale bar, bottom left) Beneath the scale bar the attribution to Hogenberg as engraver remains unchanged. Scale of distance lower left, plan of Hereford  lower right . Centre fold as issued.  Blank verso.  Browning at margin edges and large top margin folded over as is left and right margins to a smaller degree as was the old custom (measurements for unfolded size).  Very good condition.

  Brian Smith notes,'Although unmistakably based on Saxton 1577, the map has been extensively revised.  Hills appear as steep tumps, especially Hatterrall Hill and the Malvern Hills.  Additions include the hundreds, the principal roads (as in Ogilby 1675) and Ariconinium (at Kenchester); but Archenfield has been omitted.  the place-name Fowemynd occurs twice, as in 1577, but Uris-hay has incorrectly been added near the northernmost one.  A plan of Hereford, based on Speed, replaces the arms of Seckford.  Above the plan there is a key to the principal landmarks, with a not,'The Scotch Army laying Seige to this Citty of HEREFORD in the yeare 1644, occasioned the demolishing of the subburbs therof'.  See Herefordshire Maps . Brian Smith 2004.  Uncommon.


In around 1665 the instrument-maker and mapseller Philip Lea (d.1700) came into possession of the Saxton plates. Lea re-engraved two plates which were missing, perhaps casualties of the Great Fire. He also reworked the original plates, enriching Saxton’s maps by incorporating geographical and decorative detail, mainly from those of  Speed and Ogilby, modernising and substituting English (for Latin) titles and scales. By his second edition of 1693 all the maps contained Speed’s town plans.
 See R.A.Skelton. County Atlases of the British Isles 1579-1703. 112,  for full details.