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Principatus Walliae by Joannes Jansson

£165.00 Approx $226.96, €193.21

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Copper engraving ; hand coloured (both original and later) . Imprint of Peter Schenk and Gerard Valk substituted for that of Jansson. Peter Schenk obtained the business of Jan Jansson.  Overall sheet size : 57.3cmx 46.8cms; image size: 502mm x 10.2cms archival strengthening at centrefold  on verso - see image ; one very small hole at the T of The Irish Sea (left), only visible if you know it is there else very good condition.
Gerard Valk, and his son Leonard, were Dutch engravers, globe makers and publishers in Amsterdam at end of the 17th century.  The Valck family had close relations to the Schenk family, since Pieter Schenk married Valk's sister in 1687. They  purchased the surviving copper printing plates of the famous Janssonius firm, among others, and reissued them under their own imprint.