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Map of the United States of North America by Theodor Ettling

£225.00 Approx $294.89, €249.45

Code: 53719

Date 1861

This wood engraved map issued in the Illustrated London News of 1861 shows the Union and Confederate divisions of the United States at the outbreak of the Civil War. The eastern states are divided into pro-slavery and Union sections, with the border states of Missouri and Kentucky classified as part of the South. In the West, the proposed Arizona Territory is shown south of New Mexico, Nevada is shown with an early proposed boundary with Utah, and both Washington and Oregon are shown with their eastern boundaries in the Rocky Mountains. The oversized Kanzas extends to the Rocky Mountains with no mention of Colorado. The map also emphases the lines of communication and transportation including wagon roads and railroads. Several proposed railways are shown, noting the number of miles each was to span. The map extends to show southern Canada, Mexico, and the Greater Antilles, and there is an inset of southern Mexico.
Overall sheet size: 108cms x 77.2cms ; 950mm x 655 excluding title.  Old folds as issued ; one hole above Charleston at fold, not noticeable.  Thin paper so would be sent rolled in a tube. Good condition apart from two corresponding fox spots top right and left corners of the map and an area of faint browning in the Atlantic Ocean.