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Guide to the International Exhibition 1862 by John Dower

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Date 1862

Wood engraved map - supplement to Illustrated London News. Later, superb hand colouring. explanation key showing symbols for completed railways and railways constructing.  A large and detailed map of London, extending to Hammersmith in the west, Highgate, Bromley Greenwich Park and Stockwell. It was issued as a supplement to the ILN, 24th May, 1862, to coincide with the 'International Exhibition'. The Exhibition was held from May 1 to November 1, 1862, beside the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society, South Kensington on a site that now houses museums including the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum .   The building as a whole was termed "a wretched shed" by The Art Journal.  Its exhibits included parts of Charles Babbage's analytical engine, maritime and locomotive engines and William Morris's decorative arts, it attracted over six million visitors. The manufacture of ice by an early refrigerator caused a sensation.   HYDE: Victorian Maps of London, 82. Overall sheet size: 112cms x 81cms ; image size: 1060mm x 770mm. One very small strengthening at one margin edge on verso else fine condition.   This map would be posted rolled in a tube.