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Kingdom of Naples or The Two Sicilies, by Thomas Cowperthwait & Co

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Code: 53866

Date 1855

Published 1855 in Pennsylvania, dated 1850 .  Lithograph with original full wash hand colouring. Overall sheet size: 33.8cms x 40.1cms; image size: 298mm x 363mm.   Characteristic green decorative border and pastel colouring. Explanation key below title.  Provinces differentiated by colour; hachures denoting height.   Inset of Environs of Naples bottom right with Remarks on Herculaneum etc next to it; three scales of distance left bottom blank, one spot next to scales of distance and  spot in Gulf of Tarento and Adriatic Sea.  Very attractive map in good condition.

Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. were a publishing company based in Philadelphia. They were part of the burgeoning atlas and map publishing in the early to mid-nineteenth century. They published many famous works, including Tanner’s New Universal Atlas.  Their maps are notable for the decorative borders and fine, vivid original hand colouring.