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Map of the County of Hereford by C and J Greenwood

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Code: 53934

Date: 1834

Long title: Map of the County of Hereford From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1820 & 1821.   Steel engraving, original full hand colouring. Engraved by Josiah Neele. Vignette of Hereford  Cathedral.  Overall size : 80.5cms x 65cms.Image size : 698mm.x 580mm. Reference key to the five Hundreds below compass point left.  Scale of miles centre. Centre fold as published.   Explanation key  detailing boundaries, canals and ralways, woods , wind and water mills , turnpike roads, heaths commons and open Roads etc etc Beautifully engraved, packed with detail and gloriously coloured.  Light offsetting in blank areas; some finger marks to Explanation key else good condition.

Between 1817 and 1830 the Greenwoods produced large-scale county maps in an attempt to compete with the Ordnance Survey Office. Ultimately unsuccessful in this aim they nevertheless managed to produce a series of large-scale folding maps of most counties. They were unable to complete the series but later, in 1834, they published an ‘Atlas of the Counties of England’, an attractive set of hand coloured maps with vignettes of notable buildings.