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Turkey in Europe by J Wyld and NR Hewitt

£30.00 Approx $36.9, €34.13

Code: 53899

 Date: 1819

Copper engraving after Wyld engraved by Hewitt with original hand colouring.   Overall size hinged into off white fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove : 38.6 cms x 46.9cms; image size: 2223mm x 304mm including imprint.   Top left vignette view of Constantinople from the Swedish Minister's House. Bosnia, Servia, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Rumelia, Dalmatia, Morea and Candia. Fox spot in bottom pink margin and two in bottom left margin and two under mount on right hand sideelse good condition.
Nathaniel Rogers Hewitt (fl.1804-1841) was a map draughtsman, engraver, printer and map colourist. (See British Map Engravers  Worms and Baynton-Williams. James Wyld (1790-1836) Mapseller, cartopgrapher, publisher, engraver, lithographer, globemaker and surveyor.   He took over the Faden business in 1823, subequently becoming Geographer to the King. The business was continued by his son James Wyld 2 after he died, it said by overwork, in 1836.