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Sketch of the Typa and Macao by James Cook

£150.00 Approx $206.33, €175.64

Code: 54186

Date: 1785 Circa

Copper engraving .  Overall sheet size :24.7cms x 37.6cms; image  size: 212mm x 335mm.    A detailed chart of the harbour of Macao and neighbouring islands that appeared in the accounts of Cook's voyages. Includes town plan, soundings, some topography along with notes and observations. The town plan of Macao was surveyed by William Bligh.  The Reference notes at the bottom left are interesting.  The last one states :’The Harbour of Macao is drawn by the Eye and the Soundings taken at low water’. Right hand margin augmented with contemporary paper, so skilfully, it is hard to see; circle of thinness at middle of map, only visible when held up to the light else very good condition.