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Tartaria D Evropa ouero Piccola Tartaria by Giacomo Cantelli da Vignol

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Date: 1684
Long title: Tartaria d Europa ouero Piccola Tartaria divisa da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola ne Tartari Nogai e del Crim, o di Precop Soggetti al proprio Kam ne Tartari di Budziack, d Oczackow, e di Dobruss, Soggetti al Turco. ne Tartari Circassi, e di Mordua soggetti al Gran Duca di Moscovia e nelle Due Uckraine una abitata da Cosacchi Tanaiti Soggetti al Moscovita, l altra da Cosacchi di Zaporowa, ora liberi, e già dipendenti dalla Polania.     Uncommon map of the Ukraine, Georgia, Moscovy, Southeast Poland / Lithuania and the Black Sea   published in Rome by Giac.  Rossi.  Engraved by Mariotti
The map provides one of the most detailed  of the region and  extends south to Istanbul, north to Moscow, and east to the Caspian Sea. The map is filled with information on towns, political boundaries, rivers, mountains, and forested areas..   The ornate allegorical cartouche depicts war and the top part shows the carnage of war with ferocious horsemen with spear and scimitar  smiting foes and trampling them underfoot.  The bottom part of the cartouche shows flowers and fruit presumably indicating the fecundity of the region.
Copper engraving, uncoloured as issued.  Overall sheet size: 61.2cms x 46.7cms; image size: 540mm x 428. Archival repair to bottom right margin edge - see image of verso - else very good condition
Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola 1643-1695 was an important Italian engraver and map maker born in Montorsello to a good family.  He studied literature at the University of Bologna.  He developed an interest in cartography when he relocated to Venice and this deepened when he travelled to Paris and met several prominent French cartographers including Sansom.  On returning to Italy he developed a business relationship with the publisher Giovani Giacomo di Rossi and from the 1670 Rossi published Cantelli’s maps.  Their fine quality, use of the best materials and combination of up to date information and decorative design made their maps a success.  Cantelli was noticed by both Pope Innocent and the Duke of Moderna and both offered him the position of Court Geographer.  Cantelli chose the Duke of Moderna for whom he produced many maps and two large globes.